Are You A Great Lover?

If you’re single and a player, you’ll know you’re a great lover if the guys and gals keep coming back for more. If you’re the frequent recipient of random, late-night texts of ex-lovers’ pinings, even years later, “I miss you!” “God, I’d love to hook up with you again.” “Girl, you ruined me!”  

If you are in relationship you are adventurous, sensitive and confident so your partnership will stay HOT and delicious. Your love-making deepens and keeps getting better. 

GREAT lovers are erotic artists who have cultivated the art of the bedchamber.

1. Great lovers are intuitive.
They feel into their lovers and find their partners’ mental and physical erogenous zones. They are romantics and open the car door for you. They tell you how sizzlingly sexy you are, “You’re smoking in that shirt, babe.” Sincere compliments work well in both directions. Everyone wants to feel adored and desired. They love all of you, including your perceived flaws. “I love your belly.” “I could stare at your curves all night long.”

2. Great lovers understand the importance of hygiene
(yes, pheromone addicts, I know we all love the smell of a good man or woman) and they take care of themselves. They know that too much alcohol impairs judgement and performance. They prep for sex; take a bath together.

3. Great lovers have a knack for timing.
They are generous with foreplay and post-coital cuddles. They understand that, even with the best of intentions, life happens. They are flexible and will postpone sex dates if the mood is not right without guilt-tripping you.  

4. Great lovers are impeccable communicators.
They can sense when their partner is uncomfortable and they are not afraid to pause or adjust. Proper spinal alignment is necessary for advanced sexual practices. They are concerned with the needs of their partners above their own. Great lovers ask for what they want. They tell their lovers their turn-ons, turn-offs and kinks and they do it with erotic finesse, rather than in a tutorial lecture.

5. Great lovers are creative and experimental.
A great lover will build your confidence and teach you how to please him. They will fuck you in the kitchen and the laundry room. They’ll order you to do a striptease or artfully undress you. A great lover will push your boundaries… just enough. He’ll command you to masturbate in front of him. She’ll pull out the g-spot tool and the blindfold with pleading, bedroom eyes.

6. Great lovers take it higher.
They open your heart as they bridge the sexual to the spiritual. If you’re lucky enough to be the partner of a quintessential lover, you’ll never forget her. With him you’ll do things you never dreamed of and discover the bents or secret hot spots you never knew you had. If you spend enough time with a great lover she will teach you to become one, too.

Great Lovers are beautiful and rare. If you are one, I personally bow to you and thank you. I believe lovers change the world.

Are you a great lover?  If so, tell us why in the comments below.

Want to take it to the next level? Brilliant! Keep your eyes peeled for a follow-up blog titled, “The Sexual Alchemists”.

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  • Jane

    I would say that I am a great lover and this is why I know that I am.. I have men and women contacting me for years after I am with them.. I have tried to figure out what it is that makes them so persistent. I have gathered that it has to do with how free and uninhibited I am sexually. I don’t have any filters left.. Nothing to hide.. and not trying to impress. My body is so free that I am extremely sensitive and multi orgasmic. Everything turns me on.. If you touch the small of my back.. I orgasm. If you speak to me in a certain way just saying the right words.. I orgasm. I cum from having a cock forced down my throat as well as smelling a woman’s scent before devouring her. I’ve been told my overly submissive nature and my petite frame are attractive to the lovers I’ve captivated.. Sex has been my way of healing myself and my way of releasing back into the universe and letting go.. It’s been cathartic. When I am in the throws of sexual encounter it has been spiritual… As in worship and I know lovers feel this. I have prided myself on my confidence in the sexual arena.. And there’s nothing wrong with that! I attribute this to the true nature of scorpio.. I suppose I was just born under a bad sign and in my world, bad is often very very good. I encourage you to let go… feel… Get lost in the magic of sex.

    • Bella LaVey

      You go girl!

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