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This is an interview with a student and colleague in the sexual arts. It is rare to receive first-hand insight into the modern day application of ancient Daoist sexual alchemy practices. The idea of jing, or semen, retention is gaining popularity but is still largely misunderstood by the mainstream including its medical professionals.


Ewen is a dedicated practitioner and proof that discipline, exercise, and spiritual practice are the best and most natural anti-aging remedies available. He’s had his testosterone tested four times in the course of a three-year practice and the findings are remarkable and baffle his traditional medical team.



BLV: How old are you?

Ewen: I am a 60-year-old man.


BLV: How long you been practicing?

Ewen: I’ve been practicing for three years. Before then, all of this was totally foreign to me. I had no knowledge of any of these practices whatsoever. I think the key to my success has been my consistency. I rarely miss a day of practice. Once I began to see the beneficial effects of these practices my desire to improve was more important to me than the obstacles that might have otherwise derailed me.


BLV: I normally prescribe five days on and two days off, as Daoists, we do nothing in the extreme. But you practice seven days a week, right?

Ewen: Yes, I do my best. Occasionally I am not able to do everything I’d like to. For example, when I am camping I may not be able to do my jade stem exercises.


BLV: What is the biggest difference you have seen in both your body and your relationship since you started practicing?

Ewen: The first thing I notice was my energy increased. I used to take naps every weekend but now I no longer have the need or desire. I also feel and look younger than I have in years. It’s common for friends and colleagues I haven’t seen in a while to say how astonished they are by how young I look.

My cock has become quite a bit larger in circumference and 3/4 of an inch longer. The frequency, duration and intensity of my love-making sessions has increased dramatically. My erections are stronger. I am a competitive athlete and I play at a higher level than I did two and a half years ago. My peers in the sports world are usually about half my age.


BLV: Wow, that is really significant. I can see why you would be devoted to these practices.

Ewen: My sexual relationship with my wife of over thirty years is completely different than what it was before I began my practices. The basic practice of breathing with my lover and staying heart-connected has deepened our intimacy. The core practice of semen retention fosters extended love-making, which notably increases both our pleasure. And, I am finally beginning to separate orgasm from ejaculation.


BLV: What are your daily sexual alchemy practices?

Ewen: My practice has really evolved into a lifestyle. Everything I do, including what I eat, is in alignment with my intention of sexual health and wellbeing. My two core practices are the jade stem exercises and semen retention. Staying in prolonged states of arousal and maintaining a high level of sexual anticipation without ejaculation are key components of my practice. I normally ejaculate once every seven to nine days.


BLV: What foods or supplements make the biggest difference in your sexual health?

Ewen: I take absolutely no traditional medicine or supplements to increase or shift my hormone levels. I take a special herbal tonic from my acupuncturist to balance yin and yang. I avoid soy, because it increases estrogen. I eat a lot of fruit, especially pineapple and kiwis, and add cinnamon to my smoothies. Coconut cream concentrate, lecithin, wheat germ, and ghee all help increase the viscosity and make my ejaculate creamy. I drink a cup of ginseng tea, an over-all men’s tonic that increase stamina, everyday.


BLV: Is there anything else that you do as a part of your sexual alchemy practice?

Ewen: I do my best to get enough sleep and avoid stress. I meditate and chant regularly and practice qigong two to four times a week.


BLV: How long do your exercises take?

Ewen: My jade stem exercises take me approximately twenty minutes each morning. I start my practices by soaking my scrotum in cool water for about two minutes and contracting my  pubococcygeus (PC) muscles 75 times.


BLV: Why do you soak your scrotum?

Ewen: This is supposed to increase the volume of ejaculate. I also soak my shaft in warm water just before I begin my jade stem exercises.


BLV: Why do you do this?

Ewen: To draw blood into the shaft before the jade stem exercises.


BLV: Can you briefly describe what the jade stem exercises are?

Ewen: It’s quite simple really. It’s a massage sequence of nine ancient Chinese exercises intended to maintain health in the male reproductive system. Each exercise is repeated with both the left and right hand 36 times.


BLV: So you massage your penis?

Ewen: Yes, in a number of different ways. Some of the exercises involve twisting, others pulling, squeezing and massaging. Also, you massage and tap the testes.


BLV: Did this feel weird or strange to you at first?

Ewen: Yes, at first it felt more like masturbation than a rejuvenation practice.


BLV: I’ve taught a lot of men these practices, and I’m so honored you have been such a diligent student. I find it is very rare for a man to be committed to these practices, even when they know the practices will have a tremendous positive impact on their well-being, sexually vitality, and intimate relationship. I have to ask, what sets you apart?

Ewen: I believed in you as my teacher. If anyone else told me to do these practices I would have laughed. I trusted you. Secondly, I set this goal as a high priority in my life and I was willing to do what it took to realize that goal. When I, and others, began to see the visible and tangible positive effects of the practices, I was even more motivated to continue. I have the will-power to stick with the practices even during difficult times. Not everybody has this level of discipline and devotion.


BLV: What is the greatest benefit in your life from this discipline?

Ewen: My overall physical rejuvenation is amazing; feeling so virile is incredible. I look and feel younger, and have more energy. Plus, I have more confidence and a renewed optimism for life. I believe the longevity benefits of the practice are going to help me live youthfully into old age.


BLV: What are your difficulties? Is there a downside?

Ewen: There can be a downside if your partner doesn’t understand or want to understand what you’re doing. It’s a personal spiritual practice that is mystical by nature. This isn’t something I openly share with the world. I don’t think the average person would get it.

Alchemy practices are not to be taken lightly. If someone began without guidance and was not careful, it’s possible there could be aggression issues from the increased testosterone.


BLV: What practices would you recommend for beginners? And what advice do you have?

Ewen: Don’t be afraid to start. Start somewhere, even if it’s simply becoming aware of how often you ejaculate and how you feel afterwards. Don’t be overwhelmed if you don’t comprehend the full nature of the exercises, it will come in time. Be willing to acknowledge that there could be an entire universe of truth in these esoteric alchemy practices that our western culture doesn’t acknowledge. In other words, keep an open mind.


Ewen’s Testosterone Test Results:

  • 1st test, 6 months into his daily practice: 695

  • 2nd test, 1 1/2 years into his daily practice: 803

  • 3rd test, 2 1/2 years into his daily practice: 875

  • 4th test, 3 years into his daily practice: 1218

*normal range of testosterone: 292-867


If you are interested in learning about semen retention and the jade stem exercises for sexual rejuvenation, health and longevity, I offer private sessions. Please send me an email at

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