Playing with Erotic Archetypes & Building Your Alter Ego


Believing semen is the elixir of rejuvenation she loves to smear man juice across her face and chest. Often she begs for more. She prays and giggles. She wears pink, polka dots and baby doll dresses. Her scent is floral, her demeanor bubbly. Sex is her religion and she’s very religious. She is my alter ego, Sacred Slut. To invoke her I recite a special chant and secure a rhinestone collar around my neck.


Evil Kitty prefers black and wears boots. She carries weapons, hunts deviant men and can whip your ass so hard you’ll prop yourself on pillows for a week. Tough, thick-skinned and fearless Evil Kitty has allowed me to explore a dark side of my personality I may never have had the lady-balls to uncover on my own. But she’s a shit-starter.


Caveat: Be careful what you create. You are still responsible for the actions of your alter ego.


We’re domesticated and programmed to live, dress and exist within a short spectrum of acceptability that I find restrictive and boring. Creating personas and alter egos is a way to bypass the system. A sexy alter ego gives you permission to play; something we sadly forget to do with our partners in the bedroom.


Archetypes are essentially highly developed patterns of the psyche or the collective unconscious found in art, myth, literature, film and religion. The hero, the scapegoat, and the villain, the maiden, the mother, and the whore are classic archetypes. We can eroticize archetypes and utilize them to awaken, enhance and stimulate our sexual identity. Want to give your sex life a jolt? Create an alter ego based on an erotic archetype.


Marilyn Monroe was the alter ego of Norma Jean Mortensen. She based her persona on the goddess archetype and spent hours in the mirror perfecting her walk, breathy voice, and bewitching persona. This quintessential sex goddess and icon created a flawless aura of desirability and illustrates the tremendous power of an alter ego.


There are oodles of examples in television and film such as Wesley transforming from the farm boy to the dashing and debonair Dread Pirate Roberts in The Princess Bride.
Comic books and burlesque acts are dripping with salacious personas based on erotic archetypes.


No need to wait till Halloween or Burning Man to create your alter ego. Start now by building the foundation of your new persona on one of the masculine or feminine erotic archetypes. Here are some examples to get you rolling.


Erotic Female Archetypes


The Slut: An uninhibited, promiscuous and carefree libertine.

The Submissive: The pliable innocent who may wish to be used, taken or controlled.

The Prostitute or Courtesan: Sexually skilled and experienced and cunning.

The Femme Fatale: The dark, smoldering mysterious lady who likes to be in control and push boundaries. She is sexually overt and powerful.

The Goddess: The charming, sensual and romantic, conscious lover. She connects the sexual to the spiritual.


Erotic Male Archetypes 


The Rake: A licentious happy-go-lucky, libertine, a womanizer or player.

The Boy Toy: A playful, eager, malleable, willing and adoring pet. The boy toy loves to worship his Lady or Daddy.

The Pillager or Villain: Is an aggressive and lusty ravisher who will stop at nothing to get his sexual needs met.

The Dom: The controlling alpha of the pack. The Dom knows what he wants and articulates these needs with clarity. He may be a sadist, an authoritarian or a teacher.

The God: A powerful and mindful man with sexual prowess. He’s romantic, thoughtful, and present with his lover. He connects the spiritual to the sexual.


After you have picked your erotic archetype, overlay it with more specific attributes to suit your persona. You may blend a couple of archetypes together to create your alter ego. Sacred Slut is a combination of the slut and the goddess archetype.
Role-play hasn’t been given the attention it deserves. Nothing frees one of inhibitions and breaks up the ennui more than a romp with a masked avenger. So suit up, it’s time to create your rockstar sex-a-licous identity.


Five Tips to Create Your Alter Ego


Beef up the Attitude. Find your distinctive flavor. Are you kooky and comical? Unflappable, cool and collected? Exaggerate these characteristics for dramatic or satirical effects.


Bust Out the Get-up. Superheroes have masks and capes and superpowers. A salacious persona needs a costume and gimmick. From a vampy vaudeville queen to a negligeed nymph, to the boss man and the slave boy every persona must have its accoutrements. Grab the feather boa, oil up the abs and dress the part. Be innovative. Do you wear thigh-high patent leather boots and a bullet bra? Suspenders? A tiara?  A persona doesn’t really flesh out until the costume is donned. The alter ego must dress differently than your everyday self. It can be as simple as a pair of special undies. Tighty whities with “S.C.” etched in black marker across the crotch with a well-placed lone star are now christened with superpowers and transformed into Snake Charmer’s Spangled Slingers.


Got a theme song? When Sacred Slut floats across the floor to the mantra Om Namah Shivaya, the party has started. Do you desire to be dominated by your woman but are reticent about initiating? After all regular day-to-day life is so vanilla. Are you afraid she’ll laugh and not take you seriously? Then it is time to negotiate a play date, my friend. This is where the erotic archetypes come in. Let her know Roy the Boy Toy is ready to do her bidding and has special skills. Tell her when she hears the song; “Coin Operated Boyshe’ll know RBT is in the house!


Have a Moniker. Have you secretly longed for your boyfriend to talk dirty and throat fuck you like a porn star? Have you been too timid to ask? Are you afraid he’ll think you’re a slut? Well let’s hope so! Hyperbolize the ho in you by calling her by her name. Slut Mutt are you out there?


What’s your Alter Ego’s Unique Voice? Do you squeal like a wench or whimper like a baby? Are you an operatic baritone or a raspy barroom broad? Do you cuss like a Merchant Marine or have a British accent?


This may sound trivial and trite, but honing a persona can be life changing. Most of us have hidden parts of ourselves that have been shamed silent. Most of us do not have the opportunity to shine the light on the full spectrum of our sexuality and let rip the unfettered roar of our sexual selves. We think we’re too loud, too kinky or too needy. Creating an alter ego is a powerful tool. Use it to explore and embody the parts of yourself that yearn to be bared.


Do you have an alter ego? Please share your secret identity and super powers and leave a comment below.

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