Couples Coaching

…there is so much hope and potential to be discovered…

I believe committed intimate relationships are the supreme path to healing childhood wounds, accelerating personal growth, and attaining sexual fulfillment. Are you familiar with Kintsugi? It’s the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with a special lacquer dusted with gold powder. The broken object becomes more beautiful and refined thanks to its scars.

I know it’s likely that you’ve been through a lot, and may feel that parts of your relationship are broken. Yet, there is so much hope and potential to be discovered. Imagine the beautiful piece of art you can create as you restore your passion and commitment to loving each other like you never have before. There’s so much to be excited about. It would be an honor to be on the journey with you.

Bella, I want to tell you how grateful I am for the practice and advice on the seduction styles in our last session. You have elevated our marriage and our sex life has been amazing!


The best is yet to come…

Working with Bella

There are a few options to get started working with Bella. Choose the path that works best for you.

Couple’s Soulful Sexuality Intro Session

This is your taster, and a way for you to experience what being on this journey with me would feel like.

$450 / 90 minutes

3-month Soulful Sexuality Program

My signature 3-month Soulful Sexuality Program is designed to catapult you into a stronger and more passionate relationship than ever before. Once you know you and your partner are ready to embark on this journey, we’ll partner together for three months to revolutionize your relationship. This includes coaching, healing, bodywork, diet, nutrition and lifestyle tips for libido and virility, Daoist sexual rejuvenation exercises, embodiment practices and Tantra. The program is completely customized for your specific needs. Let’s connect to see what we can create together.

The 3-month Soulful Sexuality Program Includes:

  • One kickoff session: 2 ½ hours
  • Two 90-minute sessions a month
  • One 15-minute strategy call a month
  • One Intimacy and Attraction Workshop
  • Email and text support

$1900/month, or pay in full: $5130

The Soulful Sexuality Couple’s Retreat

Your personalized couple’s retreat is held in my private sanctuary. You chose either one or two days.

1 or 2 days $1800/day
with 2 follow-up calls

Schedule a Free 20 Minute Consultation

Burning questions? Curious about the vibe? Let’s chat!

Schedule a free 20 minute consultation as an informal, no-strings-attached way to get to know each other.

After studying with Bella for almost a year, I can honestly say that she is my true friend, coach, and advisor. Bella’s unique Taoist, Tantric training has opened doors to me that I never knew existed. Her willingness to tailor my instruction to address the issues that my spouse and I were experiencing at home has been a blessing without measure.